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9 Breach of Public Trust

Quest. Why Forfeiture of Office ought not to be will not always
The severe enough.

Forfeiture of the trust will not always be severe punishment enough - For breaches of public trust the principle
of analogy points out the forfeiture of the trust
as the proper punishment: and this as well
for the purpose of disablement as that of determent.
But this will not always be the case
A punishment of this kind and degree will sometimes
be inefficacious: at other times it will be it will more frequently as
to a part of it, be needless.

1. It will sometimes be inefficacious. In the instance of public trusts This will frequently
be the case happen where the offender has an interest with
persons in power: more especially where in the
act of committing very offence itself in question he acted as
the tool of persons in power. In such case What will be the
effect of his forfeiting his place? that he will
get a better. In such case And What then will be his
punishment? nothing more than the disgrace attending of
the judicial sentence: a slight stain easily
dissipated by the sunshine of party favour. Under
such an arrangement it will often happen that
offences of this kind may be committed with absolute an
assurance of impunity. The ostensible protected underling
will be secure of an indemnity can suffer nothing, being indemnified in the way
just mentioned. The His protectors will suffer nothing,
because there will be no means of coming knowing
at them. who they are. In such a case nobody will think of

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