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C 11 3 Breaches of Public Trust.

have the appointment to the office. In such case
the sentence of the law will be but a mockery: the
offender is deprived one day; he is re-inst reinstated
the next. Things are then in a much
worse state than if there had been no conviction.
So long as the law remains unexecuted it may still
continue to inspire some apprehension, because
it may still be thought that if it were should come to be <add>ever an </add> executed, the
offender will find himself a sufferer. But if
it be actually executed, and the offender is seen
not to suffer after all, the offender instead of being
aw'd is encouraged and secured. Guilt riots in
impunity; and tramples trampling upon innocence and justice under
foot. Shame which ought always to rest ultimately
upon the offender departs from him in order to
attach itself upon the oppressed who sees himself find themselves
without remedy: upon the innocent who use scar offered the
law which is their only his safeguard impotent, no longer in
a condition to protect him. and upon the judge who finds his powers crippled
and his authority constrained.

At any rate, whether there be any reason
or not to suspect a confederacy between the offending officer
and those who have the appointment to the office,
it ought not to be left to the caprice of a person
or at of persons taken at random to undo what has
been done by the judge and virtually to usurp the power

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