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2 C Usurpation of Trusts

likely to be verified. By Fraud however the
possession of a trust may readily naturally enough be obtained:
to wit by obtaining the possession of a proper instrument at indeed by And this by any kind whatever form
of Fraud against the by any of the forms which fraud can assume,
viz, that of simple falshood, personation
forgery, or perjury. The fraud however in this
case must go to work in a particular way: it
is not by obtaining an instrument ready prepared made
that it can operate: unless in the improbable case above supposed. it must be by causing a
particular instrument to be prepared made on purpose:
in other words not the nature transfer of the instrument
but not but the creation of it must have been the object
of the fraud. The opportunity indeed of committing
an offence of this sort with any chance of success will be but rare: and therefore
the offence will be but rare. The existence
however of such an opportunity is far enough from
being impossible: the party person for instance on
whom the fraud has been is practised may be lying
at the point of death, or at the point of setting
out for a distant country: or the offender
may have reaped the advantage he means to make
from the possession of the trust, before the party
on whom the fraud has been practised can be in
a condition effectually to make it known. The
same observations will apply to the cases of robbery and

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