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Theft Of Offences against Property

When a man is determined to raise
a sum definite or indefinite by dishonest means,
what determines him to have recourse to fraudulent
Sharping rather than Theft
seems in general to be this; the avoiding that
or diminishing at least so much of the danger
of the crime as attends the time conjuncture of the taking.
In the case of Theft, if it be committed in the
presence of any person who knows that the effects are not the property of the thief <add>offender</add> the crime is detected
at the instant it is committed: in the case
of sharping if the trick pretence passes, the offence crime is not
detected till afterwards, when in process of him the
offence falsity of the pretence happens to come out.
The Sharper therefore has all that interval to
withdraw himself provide for his security.

Besides this a man can often get a thing
by sharping which he could not get by Theft.
This is the case where of himself he would not
know where to come at it. Where a man steals
he has only his own eyes and hands and his own knowledge
to help him; in finding out what he wants but when he betakes himself to sharping, he makes
use of the eyes the hands and the knowledge of the owner himself
or some other person who is equally in a situation
to furnish the offender with all the assistance
he stands in need of.

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