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2 C Theft &c

Sharping then, where a man has talents equall
to it, has two advantages over Theft. 1 It increases
the physical facility of attaining the end proposed: and it
diminishes the danger.

A Sharper creates those opportunities which
a Thief must wait for.

to Robbery in preference to Theft & Sharping Robbery also creates these opportunities
in some of the cases in which which a Thief must wait for them. But in Robbery
It does not however we see in all cases as we
A man malefactor can not learn from a man proprietor
where the thing is which he wants whether the
one has any thing which the other wants, by threats so surely
as by insinuation: by a mode of behaviour
which gives makes it manifestly to be the proprietor's a manifest interest
to conceal what is demanded of him, as by a
behaviour which to appearance may make it his
intent to disclose discover it

In Robbery too independent of the factitious
danger which the Law creates, the malefactor
exposes himself to a greater share of [that danger
which naturally awaits upon him who endeavours
to make an unlawful a profit at the anothers expence: the
danger of detection and apprehension arrest.] the natural
danger incident to such enterprizes. The Robber is
obliged to wait for a considerable time in the presence of

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