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6 C Theft Embezzlement and Fraudulent obtainment. Of Offences against Property

Sharping more conclusively presumptive of habitual dishonesty than Theft An single act of Sharping is a more conclusive
presumption of habitual dishonesty than a single
act of theft. For when Sharping can seldom
be practised but upon persons to whom the
offender is a stranger: the act itself of
taking can cannot be concealed: it is avowed. and cannot The falshood
of the pretence can seldom be such but that
the falsity of it must come out in time.
It is only by absconding Detection therefore is certain: & and avoiding keeping clear of the party
whom he has imposed upon that he can hope
to escape punishment. Sharping therefore must
necessarily constitute a ha hand of profession
of itself. An act of Theft may be no more
than an occasional deviation from a habit
of honest integrity. industry.

On this account it should seem that
an act of theft should more easily meet
with a pardon in the 1st instance than an
act of Sharping.

Theft more difficult to guard against than Sharping See p. 3. As every man must have the greatest part of his property
almost continually out of his Sight, and in the power of a great variety
of people, it must be evident that there are no precautions a man
can take which will secure him effectually against Theft.

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