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2. C Of Theft or Stealing

immoveable. Accordingly to dig Stone out of a quarry and carry it
away, to cause his cattle to feed off the grass from a certain spot, or
to possess a House for a certain time, may any of them (if the other
criminating circumstances concur) be acts of Theft.

[(D) Value] 1. The Value may be Marketable or Confined. It matters not whether the Value be marketable,
that is whether it be valuable to any person in general; as a piece
of current money or an ordinary Article of food : or confined only:
that is whether it be valuable to any particular person or persons
only ; as a Paper containing nothing but memorandums
for such person's private use.

2. Constant or Occasional. It mattes not whether the Value of it be constant as an
Article of Food or Cloathing , or occasional only: provided the time
when it is taken be a time at which it possesses or appears about
to possess a Value; as a common Pebble or piece of Stick at the time
when it may be of Use to beat down a Fruit or guard against the
attack of a beast, and there is nothing else at hand that will
answer the purpose.

3. Natural or Conventional. It matters not whether the Value of it be natural, that is
whether the thing would have a Value although there were no agreement

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