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incident to this condition. On the part of a stranger Usurpation of the characteristic
advantages belonging to this condition
is stiled in ordinary cases Adultery: on
the part of the wife, breach of so much of her part of the contract
as concerns the not rendering of those services
to any other man is termed by the same name.
Neither wrongful divestment of these other advantages, of
nor usurpation nor wrongful divestment
of any other of the advantages incident of
this condition, that is of any other of the services which it may be in the power and of the wife to render, nor detrectation nor wrongful
imposition of the disadvantages incident to it
are attended with effects striking enough to
have given to these general heads of delinquency them any specific name, a Negative peculiarly applicable
breach of trust. to the present purpose. <add>purpose here in question.</add> The case is the same with
breach of trust, whether positive or negative, committed
by the husband. Disturbance of this trust these advantages
when it is the fault of the wife belonging to this condition, whether the wife herself
be in fault or whether it be only the fault of another
person he is not in general every case characterised by
any particular name: but when it is the fault of the wife, & a reparation
in point of place is the means employ'd for producing
the effect, it is stiled elopement. When
the husband in this manner separates himself
from the wife, this if it be in breach of the trust
imposed on him by the marriage may be termed matrimonial desertion. It is then at

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