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at the same time an violation of offence against the property or interest
which the wife has in the matrimonial services
of the husband, and may be comes by that means under the head
of wrongful with-holding of services.

Laying Let us now lay the trust out of the question; and the also let us believe lay
as likewise condition itself from which as will the trust itself, as
those advantages which constitute a sort of temporal uncorporeal
object of beneficial property included in are desirable from the services of the person who is
that same complex object which the the beneficiary of the trust, <add>are derived: let us also lay also lay also out of the question</add>
conditions are derived, these advantages may be all those services which have nothing to distinguish them
from such as any one else might render the There remain the characteristic services
which are characteristic of <add>peculiar to this condition. may be These then may be</add>
consider'd as a kind of incorporeal object of
beneficial property; and the injuries to which the
husband is exposed in respect of this peculiar species
of property, will of course be found to correspond in some manner or other to the
several injuries to which property in general is
exposed. that is a second marriage contracted by his wife with another man from this offence As to Polygamy, independent of the
adultery which is the natural consequence of
it no particular injury of this kind is sustained by him.
Adultery on the part of the consider'd as the greatest offence of the gallant stranger is does not necessarily correspond to any thing
more than simple usurpation of property: but in the circumstances
in which it is most common for
it to be committed it corresponds to theft. To
wrongful detainer corresponds that sort of matrimonial
disturbance on the part of a stranger which consists

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