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2 C Bribery

any farther than as they are exposed to view. That
being the case a man is always exposed to the conjectures
question how it was he came by and enquiries concerning the manner of his obtaining them. From whom
had you them & when at what time, upon what occasion are questions to which a
man who was guilty would not always find it not easy to
give an satisfactory answer, without betraying himself.
The article may also be traced back into the possession
of the Briber and those from whom he had
it: and the same question which might be put
to the one concerning the manner occasion of his acquiring
the thing in question, may be put to the other
concerning the occasion as well of his acquiring it
as of his parting with it.

Least when given in money Money where the sum is considerable, may
sometimes, though not near so often afford traces
by which the transfer of it may be discover'd. If
the sum is large considerable, and given in cash the very bulk of it
may expose the transfer conveyance of it to observation (a). If
it is given in paper, the paper will in many
instances discover on the face of it the hands through
which it has passed. But this will depend upon
the footing in which paper circulation happens to be
in the country. In England for instance, by the help of Bank money by
means of Bank notes and other notes obligations payable to
the Bearer, property to any amount may pass without the privity of a third person.

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(a) This circumstance for instance formed a capital incident
in the famous case prosecution of the Count de
Morangies. In Voltaire's Evangile du Jour, and the
several pieces published at Paris relative to that cause.

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