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4 C Bribery

From p.7. Different Species of Bribery The danger produced by Bribery is as various as
the business of the office trust which by this inducement
a man may be persuaded to break or to abuse. As many
kinds as there are of offices Trusts, and as many ways bas there are in which the exercise of those offices trusts can be material so many kinds are
there of Bribery.
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Difficulty of distinguishing between a Bribe and a Present
From p. 2.
The great difficulty is to distinguish between
a Bribe and a present. If my friend has a
mind to make me a present, if I have a
mind to receive a present for from my friend, who
shall hinder us? Luckily the manners of thinking <add>moral sentiments</add> of the
people relative to this head afford some assistance
to the Law. Without some very particular intimacy or dependence It is thought degrading for
one a gentleman to receive from another, in that
for any person of good repute to receive from another
a present in money. Presents, if given
at all, must be given in kind. The possession
of them therefore, as we have has been already observed,
must be in some degree notorious. This circumstance then affords
some ground for a prosecutor & for a Judge
to stand build upon.

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Necessity of prohibiting presents The difficulty of distinguishing a bribe from a
present is so great, or rather the impossibility
of distinguishing them is so entire, that it is impossible can
to be to no purpose to think of
keeping out the one without shutting the door
against the other. If there are no conditions annexed express either

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