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5 C Bribery

either If it be difficult in words or by implication
nor any bias meant designed to be given to the mind, it is indeed a
present only, and not a bribe in act of innocent generosity, not of vitious policy. But who can say
that there are were no conditions? who can say that
there would not be a bias? in order to take a
chance though it be ever so weak can one of
preventing bribery it is necessary as between
persons of particular descriptions to prohibit
the exercise of generosity; and to make a sacrifice if
the an unfrequent virtue for the sake of combating
to more better advantage a too frequent vice. To p.3 as top

from p.4 1st paragraph
In different countries under different
political constitutions, and with regard to different
offices it might be practicable doubtless
in some instances,
By particular regulations by means of different
sets of provisions in particular instances it might be practical doubtless to do something towards
stemming the current of this pernicious practice.
But these would need to be be different with regard
to different officers, and under different political
constitutions. To enter into any such details
would be incompetent therefore to the present
design purpose.

A few general observations however may be
of use with regard to three points: to the means of detection; 2. the the mode of punishment
3. the definition of the offence.

A to p.4 No 2

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