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6 C Of Bribery

Usefulness of the punishment of infamy on this occasion . A punishment of the ignominious kind may
on this occasion be more particularly of use. applied with particular advantage.
Infamy is a punishment that to a certain
degree exceeds itself. The political tribunal indeed
knows no such thing as a half-conqu concoction:
but to the tribunal of the world nothing is
more familiar. It pronounces provisionally <add>interlocutoraly</add> upon bare suspicion:
it pronounces definitively upon evidence which for in a Court of Justice it would
be very blameable to receive. it modulates itself
of its own accord it's punishments pro more probation: and
instead of waiting to be called forth into action
by the voice of an accuser, it executes of it's
own accord if it approves of them
the ordinances
of the legislator of it's own accord. For that purpose indeed
it must approve of them: if they
a sentence of infamy pronounced by the Legislator
will be of little effect, if it be not
registerd in the hearts of the subjects at large . men. This however
will generally be the case. - The of moral sanction,
the community tribunal of the world itf though not absolutely at
the command <add>devotion beck of the legislator [+] [+] may be proper management be render'd in most if not all the cases in which there is reason it is to the advantage of mankind that it should be render'd, obsequious to his wishes.</add>, is to a great degree and obsequious
to the wish his wish, of the Legislator. The
force of it can not easily be driven into a
quite opposite course to that which it would
take to of itself; [+] [+] but if when neutral and indifferent , it may be led but if it have ever so week
a tendency that same way towards which he would direct

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