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7 C Of Bribery

it, it may easily be easily made to itself
without difficulty almost at pleasure.

The present is on occasion in which
the force tribunal of the moral sanction world would probably be as ready
to lend its co-operate with the legislator as in most others.
As good a way as any of putting it toin motion action
as any I can think of, would be an exhibition
resembling analogus to that of upon the plan of the ignominious
punishment proposed for Subordination of Perjury
and Theft The Bribe taker mightSee Tit. Punishments

From p.3 No 1
guilty. It was laying a tax upon law
proceedings: a tax laid by imposed by authority of the Judge to the profit
of the Judge: a tax the more galling (in as much as as being
it was) uncertain and unequal.

from p.3 No 2
It is to be observed, that the former part of this maxim it is to be observed which
was its fair side was such as in the nature of it
could never be shewn: since if it had been it must
necessarily have frustrated the whole design. The
mischief therefore which was really produced was that of
iniquity - the intimation of the design carrying with it
the terror of the act. In order to carry into execution his
plan of extortion it was necessary that at every turn
he should appear ready to commit iniquity. Every act
of extortion thus committed had therefore over and above its
proper mischief, the effect of an act of iniquity, to wit as to every thing
but the primary mischief which in such case in comparison of the secondary mischief is as nothing

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