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9 C Bribery

[(B) Receives] It matters not from where he receives it.
It may be bribery although the person from whom
the thing is received be of the number of those persons
from whom the lawful emoluments of the
trust are to be received, provided it be given upon
the unlawful condition above in so far described in the text.

So although it be of no greater value than
what is lawfully due from the person in question
on the score of such emoluments. For to make the
exercising of the trust in the particular manner in
question the condition of the money's being given,
is as much as to say if the trust be not
executed in that manner the money will not be
given: in which case the money though by
the supposition no more than what is due, will is
forever be so much more than perhaps would otherwise be paid. If under pretence of it a thing be <add>made at an under price, it may be bribery to the amount of the difference.</add>

[(C) Money's worth] It matters not by whose hand a man receives
it nor to whose use, so as he do but derive a
profit from it either by the way of self of the self regarding kind or
in the way of sympathy. Accordingly if the thing
be given to a any relation, friend or defendant of
his (with such condition annexed of it) it is the
same thing as if given to himself.

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