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3) Personal Injuries in general.

that of offences against person and reputation
By Nusances, to wit Personal Nusances, I understand
acts that produce danger of [organical
pain] corporal sufferance without any direct [the] intention
of producing it. But as these so long as they produce
nothing but danger affect no an individual
any otherwise than as he is one of a neighbourhood,
I shall refer dismiss them to the class
of offences thence denominated. When they produce
mischief it is a mischief of the sort produced
by one or other of the first seven offences
abovementioned: with only this extenuation, of it's having
been occasioned through inadvertence.

There remain belonging belonging to this order ten genera of offences as above enumerated.

With regard to these offences there is a way of
distributing them by which they might be brought
together under yet narrower titles. This distribution
though not pursued it may be of use just to exhibit
mention on account of its being often brought into view
in popular discourse.

Offences respecting a man's person may be distinguished
in the first place into such whereby a
contact is produced between some part of thei his body
and some part of an exterior body and by that means
a painful sensation, and or else the apprehension
or danger of such sensation, and such as do not produce
unless by accident any such sensation or apprehension
or danger, but serve only to interpose
some external passive obstacle to the exertion of his

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