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1) Personal Injuries Simple

Simple Personal Injuries Defined.
Under the name of Simple Personal Injuries I
would include any voluntary act the effect of which
is to produce organical pain or uneasiness without producing
any other alteration in the corporeal frame.


Organical pains uneasy X actute.
Organical pains may be distinguished into those
of the uneasy kind, and those of the acute.
Under the name of actute pains may be comprehended
[all such as affect the general sense of
feeling diffused over the body] such kind of pains
as are produced by a bruise or solution of continuity
in any part of the body: by inflammation excited in any part of the body by disease: by hot or cold when
at [a high an intense ] degree: by the application action of caustic or
corrosive substances.

- uneasy
By pains of the uneasy kind I mean such as affect
any of the real senses: the sensation excited
by wit: and by heat or cold not rising to an entire degree: by hunger or thirst: such as a result from the continuance of sensations originally indifferent or unpleasant: such as derive their disagreeableness from
in good measure from the operation of the fancy,
as that arising from the contact or vicinity of
a disagreeable person: and the like.

Mischief of this sort of offence
The boundaries between pains of the acute and pains
The mischief which the offences of this sort which are which the of the uneasy kind are not to be determined it is unprofitable by
of a nature to produce are distinguisable in any verbal description to detemine. The same sort
the first place into such as are of a private, 2ly of pain which at a certain degree of intensity is of the
such as of a public nature uneasy kind, will at a superior degree of intensity, become


In pursuance of the plan laid down in Ch of
the preceeding Book, we come next to state the mischief
which it is in the nature of the sort of offence the offence before us to

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