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2) Offences respecting the Persons of Individuals

Thus mischief is divisible in the first place into
so much as is of a private, and so much of it as
is of a public nature.

Private Mischief First then with reference to the private mischief of
this crim offence. This may be distinguished into
so much of a the pain as is immediate, and so much as
is consquential. By the immediate pain I mean
so much as subsists during the time continuence of the dolorific
contact. By the consequential I mean so much
as remains in consequence of the dolorific contact
after that contact has been made to cease.

This consequential mischief may again be distinguished
into that which so much as is of the same kind with the immediate,
and so much as is of a different kind
That which is of the same kind with [homogeneous
to] the immediate is either 1st necessary ; or 2dly
occasional or contingent. The necessary pain is the
pain of the sort which continues after cessation of the dolorific
contact. The contingent is the pain any disease which may
the smart will when very intense will often times

That which is of a different kind from [heterogenerous
to] the immediate is the pain not necessary, but
contingent. When it happens it consists in the
pain of privation which the party suffers by being
obliged to pay for medical assistance.

The mischief of disablement is a frequent and natural
concomitant to the other mischiefs: especially when
a disease is among the consequences. It is not however

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