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7) Simple Personal Injuries

Exemptive Circumstances -ption confined to the single person in whose hands
it was meant to lodge this power, the distribution
of power thus made would be a very partial one and
very inadequate to any purposes for which it could
be made. It would be of use only to the strong, that
is to those to who would have least occasion for it. To
give it therefore to such power a uniform and constant efficacy,
there is but one way and that a necessary one: and
this is, to superadd to such self-subsisting power
the is as is constituted by the exempting from punishment
the party himself whom it is meant to invest with
power, the right of conferring the like exemption on
any other acting on other persons acting as his
assistants: and this in every instance to in which his he
stands himself exempted.

This right however may subsist in different degrees
of amplitude. The narrowest shape in which it can
subsist is where the subsidiary power which it confers it is permitted to be given exercised only
in presence and upon the actual request of the
person to whom the principal power is given. the several What further extentions
which it admitts of will be consider'd by and

This power of conferring on other persons the right of
assisting of the party empower'd, this power, I say
is even in its most extensive shape is quite another thing
from and falls clearly short of the right power of
imposing on those others persons the obligation of assisting
him. That power will also be spoken of in it's

The power here in question, the power of inflicting
suf organical pain simply on the persons who are

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