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5) Personal Injuries in general.

Attempts & Terrification Offences inconsummate. Threat Attempts and Terrification Threatening[s] behaviour agree in this; that
they both indicate the probability of some calamity
of the sort of those which it is the nature of the seven first
genera of offences to produce. They indicate an intention
which [is not consummated] fails of being consummated.
On this account they may be stiled by
one common appellation, viz: Offences inconsummate.
Not but that the last of them necessarily does, and the
first may produce [in the first instance] of themselves
a calamity which is consummated. But then this
is a calamity of a distinct kind from those other
calamities: to wit, pain of apprehension, which is
a pain of not of body but of mind. This however does not
hinder but that with respect to the calamities produced
by the 7 first genera of offences, which are
bodily calamities, these I am speaking of may be
stiled inconsummate. So long as these and offences
and no others have been committed, a mischief which
was either was or at least appears to have been intended remains unconsummated.

Negative Offences. If there is reason for punishing him who contributes
to the production of any of the above calamities,
there may be reason for punishing him, who having
it in his power would not contribute to prevent
them. + + See p. 1. . 1. Such wilful neglects may be stiled by the
common appellation of per negative offences. These
negative offences, it is obvious, may take place with
respect to every one of those calamities which are
produced by such positive offences as are stiled consummate:

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