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11 Simple Personal Injuries.

Commissioned assistants empower'd and in his presence. that is to persons These may be stiled
acting as his assistants on request. his commissioned assistants. It may be
communicable or not to persons of the several descriptions
Spontaneous assistants. 1st To persons acting as assistants of their own accord.
These may stiled spontaneous assistants.
2dly To persons acting within in the absence of the
party pre originally empower'd in pursuance of
his request. Delegates or Commissioned representatives. These may be stiled his delegates.
3d. Spontaneous representatives. To persons acting in the absence of the party
originally empower'd and without his request
but acting for his benefit. These may be stiled his
spontaneous substitutes or agents. representatives.
4thly. To Commissioners of the 2d, 3d, &c orders To persons commissioned by his commissioned
assistants or representatives: and so on through
any number of orders or degrees.

To all these sorts of persons
Whatever share of castigatory power is given to visited in any of
these sorts of persons ought to be and in general is given to them only as a
support to the directory powers vested in the
several persons to in whom are invested with the former powers are vested
proprio jure. The castigatory power vested in
the Judge, is vested in him in support of the
directory powers vested in the Legislator. In
the instance of any every other person in whom
they are vested is invested with any share of it proprio jure, it is listed given as
a support to the directory powers vested in the
same person. In the instance of persons in
whom they are it is vested aliens jure they it is
given them in support of the directory powers
vested in the persons from whom they respectively derive
their right.

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