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18) Offenses respecting the persons of Individuals.

and crimes under the old order of offenses against
property person and property together.

6. When the effect of the act is to deter the
sufferer from opposing the offender or an accomplice
in the design of taking destroying or damaging any person's
property without colour of title. In this
case the offence may be characterized by the
name of Forcible Devastation. In this and the
above case it comes under the order of offences
affecting persons and property together.

Lastly as to such offence grounds
of aggravation as affect the description of the
person who is the object of the injury.

When this person is in the number of those
or to whose person it is thought proper on a political
account to give an extraordinary protection
the offence comes under the Clap of Public
offences. and <add>may be confined to under the codes entitled Offences
against Government.
In the case of where the of those persons in are> such as
are convicted with Judicial power, or where
cause of was the suffering having in
any way to the functioning of the Judicial Power, it comes
under the order of offences against Justice.
If with any other kind of Public power than
under the order of offences against Government.

7. When the effect of the act is to bring disgrace
on the person who is the object of it. In this
case it comes under the order of Offences affecting
persons and reputation together.

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