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19) Offences Simple Personal Injuries.

Circumstances which seem proper to serve as grounds of aggravation
but which have not the effect of removing
it the offence to a different denomination are as
follows. They are such as indicate the it to have been
committed 1st Premeditation as affect
1st With Premeditation.
2d For Lucre.
4th From Wantonness.

1st Circumstances affecting the description of the intent.
2d Circumstances affecting the description coming under the denomination of the principle
or motive.
3 Circumstances

Of Circumstances affecting the description of the
intent I know but one and that is seems proper to some be
consider'd as a ground of aggravation; and that is the circumstance
of duration. When the intent has been of
long standing, the offence is said to have been premeditated, to have been committed with premeditation, or in the technical
language of our Law, with malice afore thought.
prepense Note. Guet-a-pens or mal malice afore thought.

Circumstances Cases affecting the description of the principle
or motive there are two which seem proper
to serve be consider'd as grounds of aggravation. These are 1st Where
the Lucre was the principle that gave birth to the
offence: 2dly Where it was Sport or Wantonness [was that principle.]
Premeditation may be consider'd as an aggravation
on two accounts. 1st as enhancing the mischief of
the offence: 2dly as enhancing on a separate account the demand for punishment.

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