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21) Simple Personal Injuries.

than ordinary the [pain of the] punishment must be
greater than ordinary in order to surmount it.
This reasoning however requires some restriction.
It is indeed strictly true that the punishment in
order to be efficacious, must rise in exact proportion
to the strength of the vindictive appetite. and that the
apparent intensity magnitude or perhaps the apparent
intensity of the pleasure expected from the
satiating of that appetite is the measure of its
strength. But it is not true that the strength
of the vindictive appetite is in exact proportion to the
time which the intention of satiating it had subsisted
before the act done in pursuance of that
intention was committed. [+] [+] It seems by no means expedient, that in the case above supposed the punishment inflicted on Pertinax should on this account alone be 12 times as great as that inflicted on Facilis. On the contrary it is often
found that in those in whom the vindictive appetite
is while it lasts remarkably violent, it is
remarkably short-lived. Much It should seem therefore that much is not to be
placed on this score to the account of that demand
occasioned for punishment which is occasioned by
premeditation. In some persons the force of the
vindictive appetite displays itself most in intensity,
in others in duration. Because the it is
it lasted in Pertinax 12 hours, and in Facilis only
one, it does follows not that it was more intense in
first of them than in the second even in [the first
hour] the period of time which was common to [them]

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