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22) Offences respecting the persons of Individuals.

W Another circumstance of aggravation belongin applicable
to this offence is that of it's originating
from the principle appetite of Lucre. The most natur
appetite which it [originates from most naturally]
is most natural for it to originate from, is as
we have already observed the appetite of Revenge.
This appetite we have also observed is one that prevails
only but an occasional one: it requires a particular
incident to give birth to it, and it is apt to in most natures
is apt to die away of itself: generally in a
short period of time, unless rekindled re-enliven'd by the application
of a fresh cause. When it is more lasting
than ordinary, such extraordinary continuance
tho' still but short-lived if compared with the remaining
period of a man's life but short-lived
it forms a ground of aggravation. Much more must
it any propensity the nature of which is to continued through every
moment of a man's life without exception. This
Now this is the case with the appetite of

Further. When a man has but one person adversary from
whom he has reason to apprehend an injury, the
chance of his suffering is limited by the S single
power of that person. one adversary If the adversary be weaker
than himself, in that case as far as the depends solely upon the and on immediate corporal
energy is alone concerned he has nothing at all
to fear: as far as an insidious attack or an
attack with offensive weapons is to be apprehended
he has all that he has to fear is still but the
from that one person, to whose total power it is
probable that his own total power will on any given occasion prove superior.

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