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Next let On the other hand let the adversary call in
to his assistance all those who in spite of their
opposition of all restraining principles are liable
to be impelled by the appetite for Lucre,the
condition of the Defendant party endangered wears a very different
aspect. Instead of one to whom before he was
perhaps superior, he has now an indeterminate
multitude to apprehend from, to whose united
powers he is inevitably inferior. Nor is the
duration of the mischievous propensity in the accomplices
necessarily limited by it's duration in the
principal. Having engaged them to his purpose
at the time that power propensity raged reigned in himself
without control, though in himself it should subside
before it had without having it's gratification, it he might
not have it in his power to put a stop to the
effects of it on them. At the time he had resolved
to countermand them, they might be out of the
way of being countermanded.

When Lucre therefore is the principle, the public
mischief of the offence to wit the visible danger & from thence the apprehension is enhanced on two accounts
[receives an encrease in two ways:] 1st From
of the By the encrease of the number of persons
from whom the calamity was to be apprehended:
2dly By the encrease of the number of moments
during which it was is [was] to be apprehended from each

When sport or wantonness is the principle, the
mischief of the offence receives a still further encrease.
Where resentment was the principle,
the danger stood limited by the had for its limits the limits to the
adversary's single powers. When Lucre was the principle

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