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Click Here To Edit 24) Offences respecting the persons of Individuals.

principle the danger received an encrease, from the
accession of power accruing to the original propensity:
shall that propensity itself over stood limited to
in respect of the occasion: of it's birth it required
a particular incident to give it birth: a particular
connection intercourse and complication of interests between
the party endanger'd and the adversary. The
appetite of wantonness requires no such incident: it requires
no such connections: the party endanger'd is as
likely to become the object of it at first sight, as
after ever so long an intercourse. This circumstance
then augments the chance there is of for the
rise of the [original propensity]propensity that
is the original cause of mischief. This propensity
This propensity when once excited has nothing
it is evident to limit it in point of duration.

The propensity of Lucre never displays itself in acts of this sort unless set in motion put in by the propensity of Revenge Fortunately however for the human species this propensity,
unlimited as it is in point of occasion,
is in point of intensity infinitely inferior to
that of revenge. It may indeed be excited at
any time and by any object. But it is so
weak, that unless the object be in view, or at
least in actual pursuit, it is liable to be superseded displaced
I mean before gratification by an object the influence of a competent object upon almost
any other propensity.

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