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1) Personal Injuries. Simple.

Personal Injuries in general defined. Under the name of Personal Injuriesy [a] I would include
any voluntary act [b] whereby the agent is
the author is the a means of producing of bodily organical pain to or uneasiness in the person of another. Of the pains of sympathy no separate mention need be made since these follow the nature of the principal of the person himself who is the immediate the chief direct — the blow—consequable Disease—infl&c.

Personal Injuries SimpleI callInjuries of the above description I call simple, when
treating of this kind of misdeed delinquency [I shall observe
the following order]the pain produced by them is mainly organical pain, unmixed
with any other, the following is the order [method] I
shall pursue.

Discussion of the Subject. the different Means whereby the Action &c it may be produced forbed. 1st I shall describe the several sorts of acts various acts with their modes of agency
absolutely considered that inconcomitant circumstances V..P. 539means by which one rational
agent may contribute to produce this sort of
pain in another. of agency

Mischief of the offence. 2.I shall point out the mischief it is in the nature
of an act of this sort to produce.

Exemptive circumstances.2. I shall consider the several exemptive circumstances
that may attend an act of the description that is in
question: that is the several circumstances
or sets combinations of circumstances in which although the
pain in question should be produced, would render
the action such as ought not to be [prohibited
and consequently or which is the same thing ought to be exempted from
included in the number of those that are made punishable. And in doing this I shall endeavour
Giving the reason under the kind of such circumstances
why it ought to operate an exemption. the reason proposed as one of the number of
those which ought to operate in the way of exemption,
to assign the reason why it ought to have
that effect, the reason it is to be observed will all along be drawn from
the principle of utility and no other.

3.circumstances of extenuationAggravating circumstances transferring the act to a different denomination. 3. I shall mention for the purpose of laying
them out of the case, such circumstances (if there be any) of
aggravation as, where they obtain serve to render
the act to [a higher species of offence whose][misdeed and such as]
some species of misdeed that being of a more mischievous
nature to produce additional mischiefs are on have on that account commonly or at least deserve to be <add> characterised by or at least deserve to be a different name.

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