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2)Personal Injuries - Simple.

is charecterisable by a different name.

Concomitant offences giving it a peculiar name 4. I shall consider enumerate (for the sake also of laying them out of the case) the several sorts
of acts which are apt to be accompanied with
an act of this sort and which when they are
coalesce with it into a complex species of offence
misdeed that bears a differentpeculiarname.[a]

Punishment.5. I shall consider of the sorts of Punishments
that may appear competent to the sort of
act that strictly belongs to this circumstance is now before us, in <add><del>these

<add>the example when done under

in the circumstances under which it seems
in the several circumstances in which it may be appears
proper it should be exempted.
meet for punishment prohibition.

Errors of the Law on this behalf. 6. I shall state what appears to the errors
which our own actual Juresprudence to judge of it by the principles here established has given
into on the subject of this kind species of offence. misdeed.
[misconduct.] offence.

7. I shall pass a few strictures on what appears to me [the
errors in which Law can appear to me to have fallen into in
treating on this subject] appears to me stand is chargeable with in the present state of it. without being sollicitous to distinguish what is often so difficult to distinguish. whether of in which they have been considering it
be impository or censorial.

Law in termines

7.8. I shall propose what I conceive ought to
be the Law on this behalf in the words in
which I would propose it to [stand. be conceived.] be expressed
delivered. Language and or doctrines layd down by different Lawyers in treating of the kind of Law in question.


[a] The difference between offences of this this description preceding and
those of the preceding is that in the case of this
one it is one and the same act. that on account of the
different circumstances attending it is of a nature
to produce different mischiefs: in the other it is
different acts, which are only mentioned however are brought in review together only on account because they
are of their being apt to be associated in practice.

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