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3) Personal Injuries. Simple.

Means. What difference in the means makes a difference in
the mischief. First these with regard to the Acts various acts means
by mischief which this sort of pain is liable to be produced.

Means— reason of entering upon this topic. consideration. business It may be proper to begin with obviating an
in this behalf as in every other objection that may perhaps suggest itself to the usefulness of
touching upon this topic.
The end of the Law in this behalf it may be observed is as far as possible, to
avert pain: pain pain as such from
whatever causes it proceed and under whatever circumstances by by whatever means it be produced. [by what means
in particular] in what a given quantity of pain By what means then in particular manner the
pain may have been produced, the quantity of pain
in every case being given, is a matter that makes
it may be thought no difference. Every operation therefore the finding of which
can serve is to produce it is what the Law
has an equal reason to proscribe: for proscribing those always
excepted the tendency of which on whatever account
shall appear to be of a nature to produce a good superior to
this evil. This ought to be carefully remembered.
At first sight, therefore It might seem these might thus a detail [of the causes and] of those means would be superfluous: since under any every variety of them the conduct of the Law would have reason to be the same All this would be true enough were the case so that <p>For the sake however of giving a greater precision
to this subject of the circumstances of exemption and of aggravation it may be of
use to analyse enquire out and sum up and sum up and lay before the different
ways in which this effect may by man's agency be produced. by
the agency

Two modes of action in Man. Man is may be might be considered as being composed of two parts: a body and
mind. [c] As body he partakes of the nature of the
inaminate bodies that are around him: like them
he is capable of making by conduct impressions
[c] v.p..n. But the fact is that according as different means are employed to produce that same effect that is in question, or the personal suffering of another different degrees and kinds of mischief are apt to be produced so that these several different means are apt to contribute to many different circumstances either of aggravation or of exemption to that main act which constitutes the agent in question the author of the injury.

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