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4) Personal Injuries - Simple.

passions as well of a pleasurable as of a painful
on the persons of other sensitive beings:
impressions some of a pleasurable, others of a painful nature.
As body mind, he has not possesses not directly any
such power. Mind cannot act of itself in any manner act
immediately on another either on body or any more than on mind: when the
influence that it exerts over them or any either it exerts no otherwise
than by the medium of it's influence nature on
that body which it informs. animates belongs to it and which it is said to animate.

Acts in general [at large] This action which it exerts upon the it's own body that
belongs to it is of two kinds: 1st such as
is of a nature to be communicated to and to
to produce changes in any all bodies in general, any bodies at large
animate inanimate as well as animate. 2dly such as is
of a nature not to be communicated to such
inanimate body, none but animate [ to animate bodies alone. but only to sensitive beings.
on them to by the it's influence on the mind. which respectively inform them.
The first it enables the are termed word it may
be said to act upon body: those of the se-
Acts of the first of these sorts of the first of these descriptions are the only ones that it is usual to speak of
by the general
name of actions: it is by these that mind acts in the
indirect manner in which it does act. upon foreign bodies.
Peculiar acts called Signs. Acts of the second sort are termed signs by the particular name
of signs: and they are those by through the intervention of which mind is enabled
to act upon mind.

To in To make then an impression For a man then by his mental powers alone to make an im by his mental powers <add>alone</add> an impresssion then on any foreign body,
a man has need of a foreign body and is also animated by
it another mind: but to make an there to make impression
on any foreign body by his means of his bodily powers

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