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5) Personal Injuries — Simple.

he has in many instances need of nothing but
those powers. And this is the most simple of all the ways in
which one man can act upon the person of make an impression on another.
the most

Instrument It often happens however either that a man
cannot make any impression or at least
that he cannot make that sort of impression
which he would it is his wish to make on the body of
another without the intervention of some third
body, that is distinct from either of them. This third
body whatever it be, may in this view be
stiled an instrument: the an instrument to wit
of that person who makes use of it for the purpose of thus on his action
acting on another. An instrument is a word of relation: All this may seem a little abstruse at first, but it will be presently made familiar by examples
it is used with reference to some past agent
whose instrument [it is said to be] the thing in question is: this
agent is in the present case the person who is thus
supposed to make use of it in his for the purpose of [thus acting] on
the person of another] making the requisite impression
on the person of another.

Thus far then we are got in the catalogue analysis of
the means whereby the obnoxious effect event in question is
[an event that on account of it's mishievous is obnoxious
in the catalogue treated of as of obnoxious]ness is produced. We have

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