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6) Personal Injuries Simple.

spoken of the A Instrument Author, or person by through
whose agency it has is produced: and of the thing his
instrument or the thing (the physical powers of which
were made by him to contribute in] which has contributed to it's production.

Event intrinsically obnoxious. The event which on it's own intrinsic account is obnoxious
is the pain, a certain kind of pain which
persons are liable to be made to suffer. This event
is of the class of moral sensational mental pathological ones.

This event however is not of itself cognizable to the
senses of any person other than him by whom it this
pain is suffer'd; nor therefore is the existence of it
cognizable capable of being made known to the persons
whose business it is by the methods prescribed by the
Law to endeavour at it's prevention.

Events mediately obnoxious. Tis On this account that they are obliged to level their
operations against that train of physical events the last of which in the
order of production comes next before it. This train consists in the of the This is that contact
1st place of the contact of the body some part of the body of the person
by whom the pain is suffer'd with that body whatever
it be, which by virtue of such contact has served produced
immediately to produce the pain in question.
This contact is a situation. In the next future reckoning Reckoning backwards from this
backwards comes situation the first article that we meet with in the train of concatenated events is the motion whereby the bodies in
question were brought immediately into that situation.
This situation and this motion together with such other

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