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7) Personal Injuries Simple.

situations and motions as are seen plainly and uncontrovertibly
to have been among the means whereby
the pain in question was produced, are treated
indiscriminately by the Law upon the footing
of obnoxious ones. The reason is that in as far as any
one of them is of the number of those means that
were necessary to the production of that event [the event intrinsically
obnoxious,] to prevent any one of them, is to
prevent [the event last mentioned], to do which is what the preventing any one of them is doing that to do which is [end in view.]
purpose of the Law. Of These events therefore the Law fastens
on indiscriminately on any one that it can lay
hold of.

Obnoxious Act. Among these events where a the agency of any person is concerned in
included in the train, any motion of such person
that is produced consequential upon by his volition is spoken of under
the character of an obnoxious act: or if one such act alone
is spoken of or (as is often times the case] such a word is employd as though
there should have been several distinguishable from
one another then will include them all, th as
is often the case, the obnoxious act.

Dolorific contact In order to characterize the contact by which the
pain in question is consider'd as having been produced
it will be convenient to find a name for
it. I will call it the dolorific contact.

On the occasion subject of this dolorific contact we may
consider. 1st Between what bodies or masses of matter

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