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9) Personal Injuries Simple.

— which of them in motion. been put in motion. But the effect in question,
to wit the contact may have been produced by
either of these the three causes. First the motion of
the body of the sufferers body. towards 2dly the motion the instrument of
sufferance. towards the body of the sufferer. 2dly The motion of the body of
the sufferer towards the instrument of sufferance.
3dly The motion of the two bodies each towards the
other. That go on with the former instance the
pain in the breast may have been produced: either 1st by
the hand having been driven against the breasts or 2dly By the breast having been driven against the hand: or 3dly By hand and breast having each been driven against the other.
Author how concerned.
Thirdly and lastly as to the way in which the
obnoxious party was instrumental concerned in the production
of those motions.

There are two ways in which He may have been instrumental in the production
of them. 1st that of corporal energy. 2dly in that
of mental energy. In the first way after the
motion that is generated by the volition of the
prime mover, the chain train of motions whether
longer or shorter that intervenes between that and
the pain that constitutes is the event intrinsically obnoxious
is in every part of it produced by the
laws of mechanism alone. After the prime cause which is an affection of a single mind It is only matter
that is concerned. In the latter way besides matter
there are a number of minds concerned: to wit,
in the first place the mind of the author of the
injury as before; in the next place the mind or
minds of some other thinking being or beings on whom that of

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