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10) Personal Injuries Simple.

that of the author of the injury has acted: acted to wit in the only
way in which mind can act upon mind to
wit by intelligible signs.

With or without Intermediate Authors, or none. The number of minds may have been one or many.
For the chain of minds by their own mental powers and that of the first prime mover that have been made to
act each on another by may be carried on to an
indefinite length just as may that of the bodies that
have been made to act on each on another by
his corporeal powers.

Intermediate Author, the Sufferer himself. When it has been but one mind, besides that
of the author of the injury, that has been concerned,
this one mind may have been either
that of the sufferer himself, or that of another
intelligent animated being. Fraud in the Sufferer. It may, I say, have been that of the sufferer himself: For on the mind of the suf-
Thus to contvince them party himself who is to be made to suffer, the
author of the injury is by various means by various devices capable as experience
shews of operating so as to bring him to be a means of producing in himself that
sort of pain in him as amongst others [which are here spoken
of considering under the description of the event
intrinsically obnoxious] that is here in question.
A detail of these means, of these devices will
come in in another place.

Thus to take a single example, the sufferer may
by contrivance which it is not the place here
to specify, have been induced by his own voluntary act to move his own
breast towards the body that by coming onto being brought violently
into contact with it is to give it him pain.

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