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12) Personal Injuries Simple.

Intention. As to the intention, all the varieties it can admitt of on
any occasion are that it is plain of it's being absent or being
present. Either it exists in any It is not distinguishable into sorts.<add>What we mean by the word intention</add> It is a simple
indivisible undiversifiable act or feeling of the mind.
Either it exists in any case or does not exist: that is
all that can be said of it. It can not In stritness it
cannot properly, as in practice it is so frequently said
to be good or bad, or to possess any other quality.
Continuing our research in the train of means, I mean
among such as are of the moral class, we shall find
the Motive.

Intention X Motive. Very different and perfectly distinguishable from the
intention, tho' frequently apt frequently to be confounded
with it, is the Motive. The motive is not the intention
itself, but is the immediate cause of it. It is
the hope or expectation of some pleasure: to wit of that pleasure which is conceived
likely to be the result of some event to which
the intention when carried into act seems likely to give

Motive — the term applied to three different objects. In practise The term motive is applied indiscriminately to denote either
the Pleasure itself that is expected in consequence of
an event or train of events, or the expectation of that pleasure,
or any that of event or any of those events that are
calculated to produce it. This confusion is of a nature to
give birth to a multitude of disputes. Let it be asked
what in any instance was a man's motive: one would those persons might
each give for answer a different one of the three articles here enumerated:

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