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14) Personal Injuries Simple.

Motive bad When the event from which the future pleasure in question
is expected is looked upon as of a nature pernicious to the
community, or is to speak more generally, is on this or any other
account supposed to be generally displeasing to the operator, the action in question, viz the action which
is the immediate object of the intention of which this
event is the final ultimate object is said to be done from
a bad motive. This event is that to which we have
assumed the liberty of calling called the exterior motive [of
the action.]. In this case then When we speak [then] of the motive to
an action as being a bad one, [one thing that we the kind of motive who the motive we mean is
mean, or at least that we may mean is] the exterior

Interior and exterior refer to the Agent. The person to whom with reference to whom The terms interior and exterior it is to be observed with
are here employ'd is, we may observe, the agent in the
supposed action not the person who is the object of
it. For tho' an event that is exterior with respect
to the latter viz. the pain of the For among the
number of events that may constitute an a motive
of the sort of motive that is are here called with reference to
the agent an interior exterior one, ones is the pain
of that party who is the object of the injury the sufferer. But this such an event is of the number
of those which were regard to be had to the latter
person alone would be deemed exterior inferior ones.

Motive bad in itself. There are two cases in which an action is said to
issue from a bad motive. The one is when that
event alone is consider'd which is supposed to have been the end which the

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