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17/ Personal Injuries Simple.

Motive bad by Subserving a bad intent Save The effect of a motive in determining the agent to an action the
effect of which an event if a notion will be pernicious to the community.
viz: the pain you will receive from the blow I
give you.]

My motive then here is not a strictly speaking in itself a bad one.
Why then is it ever termed a bad one? It is because
it is subservient to a bad intent. For It is subservient
to the intent of doing such an act as shall
be production of pain in you: which is an event
of a pernicious nature.

Motive & Intent often opposite in their quality difference between them Here we may see the difference between the motive
and the intent. In the first example (the same event
that was) the ultimate object of the intent was
the exterior motive]
the ultimate object of the intent
and the motive to wit the exterior motive were the
same event; viz the pain you were about to suffer.
In the second example they were two different events:
The ultimate object of my intent was still that pain,
but that pain was not my motive. My motive was
the pleasure
meaning it the exterior motive was to be the
event of my receiving the money that was given or
promised me for giving you the blow: my motive
(meaning the distant interior motive) was to be the
pleasure or pleasures expected to enjoy from the receipt and employment of that
money: my motive (meaning the present interior

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