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18) Personal Violences Injuries Simple —

-tive was the present expectation of that those pleasures.

Several Authors to one event. Thus too we see how the same event may have two
or any number of Authors all co-operating and having
the same intent, but actuated by different motives.

Principal Author When this is the case he whose motive is the same
event that is the ultimate object of his intention may be
stiled a or the principal Author: the other whose motive
is some event different from that, a or the
incidental Author. In the first example I am
the principal Author: Incidental Author In the second I am not
the principal Author but only an incidental one:
some other person, viz the person who is angry
with you who wishes you should suffer suffer pain
and gives me gives pays me for giving you the blow,
is the principal Author.

There is but one case where the act proceeds from
a motive which is bad in itself: and this is where
the ultimate object of the intention is the pain of
any one: in this case the motive is said

Motive bad, dissocial, or malicious When the event that is the exterior motive to action is the pain of any one
the motive meaning the present interior motives is said to has been spoken of as belonging to to as issuing from the irascible the concupiscible
appetite. A motive that issues from this class source may be termed dissocial or malicious. The only sort of motive then that is in itself
a bad one is that which issues from this
source. Upon the principle of utility, the only just
foundation of morals and as well as Government, those actions, and

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