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19) Personal Violences Injuries Simple.

those alone, are all of them bad which and are of a nature to produce
pain in the community. The only motives
then which consider'd by in themselves can properly be termed
bad ones, are those which are of the malicious class.

Motive Selfish When the event that is the exterior motive to the
action is instead of being a pathological event, viz: the pain of some one, is simply the not the pain of any one, but simply
[an a material event [in it's own nature] productive of pleasure to the agent, the
motive meaning the present interior motive is and has been
spoken of as to issuing from the irascible concupiscible appetite. A motive that
issues from this source may be stiled a selfish

Selfish motive not in itself a bad one. It is plain that no motive that is of the selfish
class is strictly speaking of itself a bad one. On
the contrary it can be no other than a good one.
Such as the interior distant motive is in this respect,
such is the present. interior. And the distant exterior motive is by
the supposition a good one: for it is the pleasure
of the agent; that is of a member of the community.

Selfish motive in what case bad. How is it then that
For all this nothing is more common than to
speak of a motive of the selfish class under the
denomination of a bad motive. In what circumstances
is this the case? it is when the event that which
is the ultimate object of the intention is (that is is
looked upon by the person who bestows the denomination
to be) of a pernicious nature. The event which is the object of the intent,
being a bad of an evil nature. denominates
the intent itself a bad one: from the intent the denomination

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