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20) Personal Injuries Simple.

denomination passes to the motive.

Restriction. The motive I have said is stiled a bad one when the event which
is the ultimate object of the intention is of a pernicious
nature. To this account of the matter however
there is an obvious distinction restriction. For this
to be the case the event in question must be of a
nature more pernicious, must contain or produce more evil
more pain than is equivalent to the pleasure that which that other event the which constitutes the
motive of the agent. Now this is what is almost always
is the case. The pleasure of the agent is a simple lot of pleasure the
pleasure that only of a single person; and which for
any particular reason that can be given terminates
in that single person. The pain of produced by the event that
is the ultimate material object of the intention is
a mixed mass and extensive mass. It is not only the pain not
only of the person who is the immediate particular object of the
injury in question, but also the pain of all such
other persons as from the influence of the like motive
see reason to apprehend the like injury, added to the
danger of all those who may have reason for such apprehension
though without seeing it.

Motive Social or benevolent. When the event that is the exterior part motive of
to the action being a pathological event is the pleasure of any person or persons other
than the agent, or where any principle other than that of utility is assumed for the foundation of morals [moral duty] an event of a nature supposed
to be pleasing to any person or persons whose pleasure
is looked taken upon by whom who considers the action in
question as for the standard of right and wrong, in such case

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