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22) Personal Injuries Simple.

Motive [external] of Simp. Person. Injs. necessarily bad, when the external is the same with the ultimate object of the intent. relation. The case fact is indeed that an event of this
sort is [often] very apt to be produced when it the
not immediate ultimate object of the intent is not that this
event but some other: this being only an intermediate
object. This Such other event is liable to be in
some cases still more pernicious than this in
question: in other beneficial and that still more than this is to a degree more than
equivalent pernicious. But in the first of these cases the
act comes under a different denomination. In
the second other [the act which is the immediate object
of the intention] the event which is the ultimate object
of the intention of which this in question was
only an intermediate one constitutes is a circumstance
that operates an exemption in favour of the act agent
from the penalt punishment which without otherwise it
might be expedient to inflict on him. It constitutes
one of the number of what those which I have stiled
exemptive circumstances.

Means — recapitulation of. It may here be not improper to take a summary
and retrospective view of such articles in the catalogue
of means as we have found it requisite to characterize
by peculiar names. They are as follows.

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