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Inserenda. 1) Personal Injuries Simple.

Objects of a Volition — immediate, intermediate, final ultimate. The train of concatenated Events that may be all of them objects of the same volition
may be distinguished into 1st immediate: 2dly intermediate:
3dly final ultimate. Of these one only can in strictly
be consider'd as immediate, and one other as
final: ultimate but the of those that may be intermediate
the number is indefinite.

An Intention. An Where an act of volition, is follow'd or meant to be followd by an act exterior, and where the event that is the final or, that which is any intermediate
object of it the volition is regarded as uncertain, the volition is
commonly with respect to such final ultimate or intermediate object
spoken of as under the name of an intention.

End of Means. The event that is the ultimate object of a volition is commonly stiled
the end with respect to any not immediate
or intermediate that is the consequence of that
same volition; and such immediate or intermediate act is
with respect to that ultimate event stiled a

Many events producible by one volition. The reason why a number of distinguishable
events like these are all spoken of as being
objects of one volition is, that very commonly of all the
events which between the intention and the end
happen to take place, very commonly there
is not one that is specifically and distinctly
present to the mind. unless it be the act which is the immediate object of the volition intention. Consequently in such case there is not
one that can properly be said to have been
an object of the intention. Agreable to this is
the ancient adage which says, he that willeth the

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