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2) Personal Injs. Simple. 2) Inserenda.

Many events producible by one volition. the means end willeth the means. In many cases,
however long may have been the train of means
a single operation of the will, a single act of
volition is all that is necessary for to the compassing
of the end. The requisite train of intermediate events are
made to succeed each other either either by the operation
of other wills, or by that of [causes] purely material

Strictures. Malus animus. Felleus animus. Felonious intent. Loose and ill-determined as is the term phrase in common use a bad motive,
looser as is the phrase a bad intent, still
looser is the phrase that has been much in use
among Lawyers, malus animus. From the expression
malus animus, all that a bad mind, what is it one can collect?
This much I like it, and no more: viz: that there is a somthing wh in the action in
question which he who is speaking of it has
found wrong tho' without being able to describe it.
All it can serve to makes known is that there is a his the bare disapprobation: a bare disapprobation
without any thing intimation to of the grounds of
it. Other appellatives still if possible more roundabout and more obscure have issued from the same
workshop of confusion. We are told sometimes in [rugged] mysterious Latin of a
felleus animus, a gallish mind, sometimes in
English, but by no means in plain English,of a
felonious intent.

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