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Inserenda. 3) Personal Injuries Simple.

Intention characterized solely by it's object. The intention the volition, the bare hankering, as
[one may call it,] having thus as one may say no
colour of it's own, cameleon-like takes it's only colour
from the objects it is connected with: it takes it's description from those
events which are here spoken of as it's objects.
My Your intention is to give me a blow. Your intention
is I should receive a blow. My intention is to
run away. Titius's intention is to save me from your blow. [Your This intention of your's is an inj a bad one, an
unjustifiable one. Mine is a justifiable, an innocent
one. Titius's is a good, a justifiable one.]

The essence of the intention is supposed looked upon
as so entirely included in the event [that is] mentioned
as being the object of it, that the bare mention words expressive of the
latter is are supposed alone sufficient to express what is
necessary to suggest the idea of the former. To say
your intention is the intention of giving you me a blow is
not necessary. It is sufficient to say, [your intention is
to give me a blow, i:e: the act of giving me a blow is
your intention. The literal truth is, the act of your
giving me a blow is the act which is the object of
your intention: but as that intention of yours has nothing
else to characterize it but that act which is it's object,
it answers the same purpose of characterizing it as well to and is shorter, to say
that the intention is that very act itself, as to say that
that act is the object of the intention it has that act for
it's object.

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