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Inserenda. Personal Injuries. (4 Inferenda.

Intention. when the want which is the exterior motive is looked
upon as pernicious to the community or on any other account
displeasing to the speaker, when it seems to stand as
evidence of a disposition that seems likely
on future occasions to be productive of such events.
The badness of the motive [by a ]
qualifies the

Bad motives are 1st Malicious. 2d selfish. Malicious
from the irascible appetite, selfish from the concupiscible
A Selfish motive is bad not on account of the simply because selfish:
but because a man prefers pursues his interest in cases
where this it is for the general interest of the community
he should waive it.

End principal x subservient End of the Author the principal end —
End of the Instrument, the subservient or collateral end — of the train
of actions employ'd in the production of the obnoxious
event. call

Motive bad by relation — ratio of it's more or less bad. Motive less bad as the pleasure of it bears a greater
ratio to the apparent mischief of the event intended
A farthing received to produce an excruciating pain
X 10,000£ received to give a scratch.
I say apparent mischief [so a motive may appear good
or bad according as the event intended appears good or
bad.] the same event may appear to different people
good and bad at the same time: instance the event of
a Prince's being dethroned: of a nations being un- successful in
war. Of a smuggler's escaping seizure.

Events material physical x pathological. Events patho material x pathological.

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