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Inserenda. 5) Personal Injuries.

Mischiefs of Disablement. At Disablt. &c p.2. if perpetual No By disablement some faculty of a man is destroy'd:
if temporary, prevented from exerting itself for a time. The way in which This faculty had it subsisted might have been of
use to him in two ways. 1st By averting pains:
2dly By procuring pleasures.

They serve to close hold him up as an object of contempt by
displaying his weakness A violent assault with a dangerous
a sharp or heavy weapon is what any man how strong
so ever may sink under

Ignominious personal injuries Teazing worse to a man of rank than to a plebian
because it reminds him of those natural infirmities which
tend to sink pull him down on to a level with those above whom
his station makes him superior. he is elevated by his civil station in civil life. This
may be one reason why men of rank have recourse
to duelling rather than boxing.

Errors &c, Strictures on &c. Mayhem. Ld Coke defines To make the injury which a man has sustained
by the loss of an organ a member come under the name of
a Mayhem the organ member according to Lord Coke, must
be of the number of those which are of useful in
fight. Those from whom Ld Coke copied this position
seem to have been of opinion that a mans fighting
chief business was to cut the throats of his fellow-creatures was the [chief] only valuable purpose of man's life.
[As it happens there is no member of a man's
The same Lord Coke makes the beating out body but what may [with truth] truly enough be said
to be of use in fight: so that the position absurdity if absurdity in the
if the position is all that can be charged upon it. set so that his is happily one of those few instances in the Law in which absurdity harmless mouths of Lawyers were in general as harmless as it is here,
there would not be much to say against it].
The same Lord Coke makes the beating out of a
tooth amount to a Mayhem. To judge from this, one

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