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Inserenda. 0) Personal Injuries Simple

Immaterial how long the train of means. It matters not how what distance there is either
in point of space or time between the obnoxious
act and the dolorific contact: in other words it
matters not how long the train is of the events that
have intervened between them. The obnoxious act
if by that we mean the first of those transitive exterior motions
that are made by the agent in pursuance
of the mischievous obnoxious intent, is commonly of very
obscure and ambiguous uncertain in its description. ][ What constitutes
the essence of the offence is as follows. In what articles lies the essence of the offence. On the part
of the offender, Dolorific intent. 1st the mischievous, one which in
this case is may be stiled the dolorific intent; and any which
this is an act of an interior intransitive nature.
2dly Any extensive act or acts whatever With regard
to exterior transitive acts, any such an one act whatsoever
as is done in pursuance of such an intent. 3dly
on the part of the sufferer any such disposition
of the parts of his body as is immediately productive
of a pain of the sort of that in question.
Shew Prove the existence of these three phenomena and
unless they have been accompanied by some circumstance of the number of those that are admitted to have an exemptive tendency. you have compleatly proved shewn the existence of the offence in

It is true that it is the pain itself that is the [object
of the Law's prevention] Law's business to prevent. But
this is an act event of an interior nature [which of
itself can not be [made known] discover'd. discoverable] of the existence

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