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10) Personal Injuries Simple.

Immaterial how long the train of means. existence of which the Law can have no direct assurance.
In the description therefore of the event that is
necessary to make up the train of those that
are requisite to the criminality of the author
of the injury, the Law is obliged to substitute
the among those which are supposed to
among exterior events incidents to substitute that which
is by experience found to be most inseparably
associated with the event intrinsically obnoxious
or how composed. See P. Viol. 16. — or how composed

Immaterial by what powers the instruments may have operated. Equally immaterial is it and for the same reason
by what powers the instruments that may have happen'd to be made use of may have operated:
whether by such as may be termed mechanical,
or by such as may be termed specific.

Powers Mechanical — what. By mechanical powers or qualities I mean such as
are common to possessed in a greater or less degree by all matter whatsoever. Such are
those of Motivity Mobility, Weight, Hardness, General Configuration
Impenetrability. [Configuration, Colour &c.
which are the objects of that branches of Natural Science which
it are is gen usual to comprize under the name of Natural Philosophy.

Powers Specific — what — By Specific I mean such as are possessed by
some particular parcels of matter and not by others.
Such as the stimulating power of Arsenic
and many other poisons, the suffocating power of
noxious vapours Mephitic Airs, the explosive power of Gunpowder. and in general all those powers the knowledge of which is taught by the several sciences of.
the knowledge of which comprises are the objects of those
branches of Natural Science that are known by the names of Chymistry,
Physiology, Pathology &c.

That this is the case is sufficiently obvious: and this
the more fortunate, it is a since the boundaries between the

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